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Hi Geoffrey,


What a fantastic website you have!!!! I spoke to my father yesterday ( Willem le Roy) who is on the appia run as you already know , and he told me about your blog where you can track the daily appia adventures. I spent quite a bit of time reading your aurelia restoration and I really like the body shape of the early cars, especially the rear fenders!

We have sort of communicated via viva-lancia so I know that you will meet the appia cars in pensylvania I believe.I envy my father being on such a nice trip and if I would have had more notice, I could have joined him. May be next time.

He is co-driving in a fulvia sport 1600, I car I remember buying with dad about 25 years ago ( I must have been a teenager) and dad just finished a major restoration so it is finally on the road. I have to agree with your comments though that the earlier cars are nicer. I used to have a first series fulvia coupe and The engine was like a turbine, it just loved to revv. I remember going about 150 km/hour and you would just slightly push the accelerator again and the car would just move on effortlessly!!! And that for a 1300cc. Stupidly I swapped the fulvia for a very rusty giulietta spider and that meant without being a classic driver for almost 15 years!!

Moral of the story: Always have at least one of the classics going before selling and or starting another project.

I can rattle on for hours but I won't but I have one last question to you. Would you know the where abouts of my dad's Aurelia that was sold to a Dick Crater around 1974 ( 4th series car in gold metallic with borrani alloy wheels)? Car was sold from our home then in Belgium to the USA.

We do not have any Aurelia cars but the legend lives on and my lovely 4 year old is called?? Aurelia!!!

Hope you will have a great time at the eastern lancia convention and in the meantime I keep an eye on your blog. Hopefully we will have a NZ lacia website soon, I heard that ny brother is working hard on it.

Kind regards

Robin le Roy


Hello Mr. Goldberg:

I have recently acquired a 1954 Lancia Aurelia B22 which I will restore.  I have completed a number of older sports cars in the past, and restore these for my own passion & use.  I can't seem to part with any of my cars.

Can you help me with contacts for B10, B12 or B22 parts..?  I desperately need the brake/front suspension reservoir, a set of hub caps and a set of bumpers.  I've been living in a world of British cars and just don't have any contacts for Italian parts. Any help you could give would be appreciated.

All the best.

Bryan Wicks

Burnaby, British Columbia,




I just discovered your website and am mightily impressed.

Some twenty years ago I discovered Aurelia 4th Series 1241 in San Diego as an untouched, original car that needed everything - but all was there, even the Nardi duals, wheel and floor shift.  I restored it (Steve Garland did the engine and rear end) and it was beautiful.  Then I obtained the only left hand drive, Florida B56S 1006.  After having my fun with them I very unwisely sold them.

About a year ago I realized the mistake I had made and decided to get another Aurelia and I now have 1227; it is in excellent condition both mechanically as well as cosmetically - but there is always something to do to make it better.  It was just driven on the Pebble Beach Motoring Classic from Seattle to Pebble Beach.

Then recently I obtained a 1963 Flaminia 2.83C, short wheelbase, one-off PF body for the 1963 Turin show.  It was then used as Batista Pinin Farina's driver.  With three owners between Batista and my stewardship of the car, there is only 17,000 KM on the car and thus drives like a new car.  Chassis no. 826.138.1167.

Photos attached.

Jules Heumann


Hey Geoff:


What a site.

I really liked seeing the Aurelia stripped down to nothing & appreciating the frame/unibody assembly.

I've had three Aurelias (A spyder & two convertibles) but always felt the early coupes were the best of the lot. I restored one for a guy decades ago & remember that it was much more balanced & tossable that the open cars or the 6th series Coupe  I used to work on.

Of course I sold them all for the parking spots & cash to pursue new projects. Darn it! At this point buying a coupe is out of my budget but it is great to see your endeavour. Congrats on the paint going on. That is always a major turning point.

I'll be watching your site for updates,


Jaan Hjort


Dear Geof,

Thanks for making and maintaining this site. It is of great help to explain non-lancisti what our shared enthousiasm in these cars is about.

Keep up the work and good luck restoring your car!

Bart Boosman


(fulvia coupe and gamma berlina)


Hello Geoff,

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your website, and the B20 Blog.

I'll keep an eye on it. I'm working my way through a Fulvia restoration at

the moment, not much compared with a B20 but still a nice thing to have.

Thanks again for the website,

Best Regards,

Alex Cundy (John's No.2 son)

PS. Attached photo is some of the Aurelias at last year's annual Aurelia

Lunch over here.




I and my father, found your web site very nice and interesting, I only have a look at the articles on camshafts but is sure the best part.


Probably, your lights isn't the right ones, it was use on the B20 1° serie. is it made on glass?

I'm still waiting an answer from the Mister specialized on Lancia parts who know the correct story on lights.  On the parts books (1951 and 1952), is not specify the type of lights used, they say: to apply at the supplier : Carrello.


I'm still doing a recherche on the inside variations.

All the Aurelia B20, was completely made on cloth (apart from the strip of vinyl), few cars on leather available upon request, are you sure that the rear quarter panels of your car are the original ones, because is strange that is made on two vinyl. What's the original color of the inside from Registro Aurelia ?

Some Aurelia was made with a personalized inside, for example the B20 ex Jesse Alexander that you send me the picture (thank's, I haven't this book), have a special dashboard and instruments. Also was available the special Pinin Farina seats, look on the pictures these are of my B20 3° serie.

I belive that the doors panel of the England car, are not original because the design is different from any other B20.


In this weekend I haven't find the time to go on Reggio Emilia mercatino, but the next week on Torino I'm sure to find the steering wheel complete with all the parts. The Furgoncino's ring and pinion ( 7/46; upon request 7/43) is very difficult to find (the 7/50 for the camioncino is impossible), but we can try to find.


On your site, there is two pictures of the inside of a race B20, have you more pictures on this car? The race Aurelia is my passion.


I live in Legnago near Verona






Dear Geoffrey,


Sometimes, find the correct details on the Aurelia is like a rebus... however the direction lights is not like the Appia, there are 2 different types of lights that are change during the production of the B20 2° serie (the same for the B20 1° serie but with others type of lights). One type is from  Fiat 1100/103 the other type should be from another fiat.

Is possible to know the correct type with the chassis number.What's the "numero di telaio" of yours car?

On this weekend I'll look for the pieces on Reggio Emilia mercatino, about the steering whell there is a big range of prices, due to the condition a perfect one is about 500 euro ( but with luck, sometimes less), a not restored one 100 euro what you like to have?


I have't still found any sure informations on the inside. My mind is that find some pictures of the 50's that show the inside of the B20 is the best, but is hard. These are the sure informations: All the B20 are completely made on woollen cloth ( panno) and the strip of different color: on vinyles.

Not all the cars have the buttons on the seats.


The biggest doubt is on the strip of different color on the doors panels.

The 5° and 6° serie have the vinyles below and above on the doors panels , also on the rear quarter panels, on the panel behind the trunk and on the seats.The 3° and 4 serie only below on the doors panels.

I don't know what happend for the 1° and 2° serie. The only pictures that I have of a conserved cars is the same that you send me; I saw the car of the original panels from england, the last year on Bruges, Belgium, (attached pictures) I remeber that the owner told me that the car was never restored.  Also the picture of the 1° serie that you send me shows vinyles belove and above but is little bit different. I think that we must find some more information to do a correct job.


Also on the next weekend at Automotoretrò on Torino I can ask at the Lancia super expert.


The engine and trunk areas are similar at the others Aurelia, the black and white picture is from a B20 1° serie. Attached the pictures of the rear tail of my B20, we saw many cars with different position (like pictures 160, green car) of the lights, should my car is correct.


In US there is the screw with round head (pictures)? I found many difficult to find it, if you need it let me know. Is very important use it.





Hello Geoffrey

Just read your article in Viva Lancia on your B24 restoration. Well done. I own one of three B20's in Ireland. One is in a museum, the second hasn't turned a wheel in 30 years and all my efforts to persuade the owner to sell are in vain. He's in is 80's but assures me he will restore his car one of these day. My car, however is undergoing some body repairs at present. I use my car for competition, its had a continous racing history dating back to the mid sixties. I plan to do a running report on its progress in Viva Lancia over the coming months.

Once again well done with your efforts, my wife lived in NY for many years and has citizenship along with our little boy. One my few trips to the states Lancias or indeed any Italian cars were few and far between.

Best Regards

Kevin MacBride




We don't know eachother, but an Aurelia makes - once again - new contacts !!


I'm a very close friend to Jan since more than 30 years, you can imagine at what Lancia - indoctrination - level I am ....


In the meatime, I 'm achieving a ground-up restoration of  my (original Belgian) B 20 GTS 5° serie (bodyshell 1411). After 2000 labour hours, the car will run his first meters normally next month.


This week, I received from Jan your article on the Aurelia camshafts. Being an automotive engineer, I was astonished by the deepness of the investigations and of course of the conclusions ( 5 different cams, 2 different lifts, ....).


Congratulations for this marvelous job !!!


Hoping to meet you soon,


Aurelia greeetings,  Erik


Erik Vermaelen

Voorspoedlaan   13

B   1700   Dilbeel



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